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Crane Game Controller

MAX-3700 Features:

  • Constant current applied to pickup coil, independent of motor voltages, load or line variations.

  • Two (2) separate, programmable, coin values supported, allowing two independent coin acceptors.

  • New, improved, Nudge Mode.

  • Free game option.

  • Full VET (Vend Every Time) and WET (Win Every Time) implementation.

  • Programmable number of capsules dispensed in VET operation.

  • Product dispense sensing interface.

  • Automatic test mode performs 3000 full game motions.

  • Start button used to exit from test mode. No need to turn the controller off.

  • Full accounting (metering) information, includes resettable and non-resettable totals, shown on the display and available for downloading to hand-held computer. Includes: Cash, Cash by coin acceptor, Bills, Games, Products, Lost Products*, Capsules. *Counts product dispensed without play (theft).

  • Named menus or Numerical menus. Named menus provide a much more user friendly interface.

  • Phone number (operator programmable) displayed with “Out of Order ...” message.

  • Malfunction sensing. Three attempts are made to perform the function. If the third attempt fails, “Out of Order” message is displayed. “Out of Order” also displayed if Coin Counter or Claw Coil are not connected.

  • Bill Validator is disabled when machine is out of order.

  • Claw is stopped in upward motion just below the top, then moves slowly to avoid sudden bump when hitting the top switch.

  • Blinking LED on controller board indicates power on and proper functioning of the controller - unlike a power switch light.

  • Drop and Start button lights are controlled separately.

  • Interface provided for hand-held computer for data and setup information downloading and uploading.

  • Interface provided for MDB (Multi-Drop-Bus) peripherals (Multi-bill validators, debit card readers, multi-coin acceptors etc.).



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