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Dual Fuel Engine Controller

MAX-4100 Features

  • Processor:
    CPU: High Performance 16 bit
    Flash: up to 1Mbyte
    RAM: up to 1Mbyte external SRAM, 4K or 8K internal SRAM (fast)
    EEPROM: 2Kbytes
    Clock: up to 25MHz
  • Communications:
    1 RS-232 port (for laptop interface, up to 115kbaud)
    1 RS-485 port (for Encorp’s controller interface)
    1 or 2 CAN interfaces
    Inter-board communications. Allows two boards with 16 injector outputs each.
  • Inputs:
    16 analog inputs (10-bits). Two with optional amplifiers.
    8 digital Inputs or Outputs.
    3 high speed inputs (PIP, RPM_CMD, spare)
  • Outputs:
    2 analog outputs (0-5V)
    16 injector outputs (PWM)
    3 high-current outputs (SOV, WG)
    5 high-current PWM outputs ( 5 KHz). For TAB, Diesel Actuator, Water Motor, RPX, Diesel Injection Pulse/EGR.
  • Power:
    12 to 32 volt nominal, surge to 45v before protection devices operate.
    Internal 5V at 500mA for digital circuits
    Internal 5V at 500mA for analog circuits and external sensors.
  • Other Features:
    Elimination of external relays
    Elimination of external TAB box
    Temperature, voltage & current monitoring.

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