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Vending Machine Upgrade Kit

MAX 2200 Features

  • Upgrades Cavalier, Dixie-Narco, Royal, Vendo and other machines to multi-price.

  • Supports 5-10 Selection Machines (Sequencing and Non-Sequencing).

  • Separate Price Setting for Each Selection.

    • "Free", 5c to $99.95 in 5c increments

  • Full Cash Accountability

    • Non-Resettable Totals: Cash, Bills, Cash per Selection

    • Resettable Totals: Cash, Bills, Cash per Selection

  • Full Product Accountability

    • Non-Resettable Totals: All Cash Sold

    • Resettable Totals: All Cash Sold, Cash per Selection

    • Potential Sales Lost per Selection (Selection Pressed When Sold Out)

  • 8-Character Display.

  • Pool of Stored Promotional Messages Supplied

  • Installs Easily in 30 Minutes or Less

    • No Special Tools Required

    • No harness Removal Required

    • Plugs Into Existing Harness Connectors.

    • Display Mounts in Exact-Change Lamp Window.

    • Complete, Ready-to-Mount, including instructions and Hardware

  • Operator-Friendly Interface Allow Easy Setup

    • Single-Vend or Multi-Vend Mode.

    • Single-Price or Multi-Price Mode.

  • Unlimited Space to Sales Setup

  • Allows Entry of Your Phone Number for display when Empty or Out-of-Order.

  • Coin Dispensing with Selector Buttons or Change Buttons.

  • Prompts Customer to Select Other Product When Selection is Sold Out.

  • Alerts Customer If Not Enough Money is Deposited for Selection.

  • 40-Year Memory Retains All Settings and Accounting Date with Power On or Off.

  • Door and Tilt-Switch Inputs.

  • Accepts MDB (Multi Drop Bus) 3 and 4-tube ($1 Coin) Changers; MDB Validators; MDB Debit Card Readers.

  • Accepts Non-MDB Validators Such as BA30, CBA-2, NB10 Series, USA-15, VFM1, VFM3.

  • Meets NAMA's DEX Standard Allowing You to Automate Your Data Collection with Hand Held Computers.

  • Coca-Cola's Specific Operator Interface Available.



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