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Water Vending Machine Controller

MAX 3050 Features

  • Microprocessor-base intelligent controller.

  • Price settings.

    • "Free", 5c to $99.95 in 5c increments

  • Full Cash Accountability

    • Non-Resettable Totals: Cash, Bills, Cash per Selection

    • Resettable Totals: Cash, Bills, Cash per Selection

  • Full Product Accountability

    • Non-Resettable Totals: All Cash Sold

    • Resettable Totals: All Cash Sold, Cash per Selection

    • Potential Sales Lost per Selection (Selection Pressed When Sold Out)

  • Alpha-numeric LCD Display.

  • All user settable parameters, accumulated gallon totals and status messages are stored in non-volatile memory.

  • Inputs:

    • Water Level Reed Switches (Tank,Sump up to 5 sensors)

    • Pressure Switch (Inlet Solenoid).

    • Fast Rinse Solenoid.

    • Conductivicty sensors (5,10, 200 micro-mhos).

    • UV lamp failure switch.

    • Four product selection switches( 1Gallon Pure, Drink. 5 Gallon Pure, Drink).

    • Door open switch.

  • Outputs:

    • Reverse Osmosis pump. 110V AC 1/3 HP, 7A.

    • Chemical Pump (Mineral Pump). 110V AC, 2A

    • Vend Pump ( Booster Pump). 110V AC 2A.

    • Sump Pump. 110V AC, 5A.

    • Lamps: Pure, Drink, Pure Sold Out, All Water Soldout, Correct Change.

  • Interface to Mars, Maka single price and MDB coin, bill and Debit Card Readers.

  • Meets NAMA's DEX Standard Allowing You to Automate Your Data Collection with Hand Held Computers.



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